The Eagles Are 1-2-1. And in First Place in the N.F.C. East.

Need to make the finish of the period games with a losing record? Maybe join the N.F.L’s. most observably horrendous division.

It’s been some time since the commended prime of the N.F.C. East. From 1980 to 2000, bunches directly in the division won the Super Bowl on different occasions. All in all, the N.F.C. East has conveyed 13 Super Bowl champions and appeared in the game.

All that gives off an impression of being a long time past.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who hardly squashed the injury-confused San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, by and by sit on the East with a 1-2-1 record. If the standard season completed today, the Eagles would be toward the finish of the period games, since that is insignificantly in a way that is superior to the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team, who are 1-3, and the hapless Giants, who are winless through four games.

This is more than a run of mishap or serious early arranging. The N.F.C. East is 2-11-1 in games against non-division rivals. The primary concern that will get an East gathering close or more than .500 is that the gatherings will start playing each other more.

The Dallas Cowboys, the one gathering in the division that was needed to make disturbance toward the finish of the period games, had a terrible dream of a game on Sunday in a 49-38 disaster to Cleveland. The Cowboys insurance is among the affiliation’s most really horrible and gave up a foundation record 307 flooding yards to the Browns, who lost their top running back Nick Chubb to a physical issue in the principle quarter. Dallas has been in the relationship since 1960, when N.F.L. bunches ran the football around 80% of the time, yet no Dallas rival had ever run for 307 yards.

Dwayne Haskins, the second-year quarterback, has thrown three impedances and lost a bobble while going for four scores. He’s been sacked on numerous occasions. For sure, the gathering is in a change. The enormous issue is, the gathering doesn’t yet understand whether Haskins is the quarterback to lead them out of the void of three reformist losing seasons (and a 17-31 record in those games). Until a gathering has perceived its quarterback, it is pathetically wandering in the forested zones.

Looking at overpowering update adventures, the Giants have been in the overhaul business since 2016 and are an astonishing 12-40 starting now and into the foreseeable future. The Giants haven’t scored a score in their last two games and have put the football in the end zone just on different occasions the whole season. Joe Judge, the new Giants tutor, was set to build his gathering’s offense around running back Saquon Barkley to encourage the pass flood inconvenience on second-year quarterback Daniel Jones. By then Barkley was lost for the season in Week 2 with a knee injury.

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